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Dr. Mangoni discussed on ABC TV in Los Angeles on 10/24/16 issues relating to SIDS (Sudden Infant

            Death Syndrome) with health reporter, Denise Dador.

Dr. Mangoni  discussed on ABC TV in Los Angeles on 7/11/16 the dangers of teen use of e-cigarettes

               with health reporter, Denise Dador.

Dr. Mangoni  discussed on ABC TV in Los Angeles on 2/4/16 the dangers of teen use of e-cigarettes with    

            health reporter, Denise Dador.

Dr. Mangoni discussed on ABC TV in Los Angeles on 12/23/15 with health reporter, Denise Dador, the

            unnecessary need for protein supplementation for athletes and their possible adverse effect

            on the kidneys.

Dr. Mangoni discussed with reporter, Denise Dador, the American Academy of Pediatrics preventive

            health care screening changes.  The interview was aired 12/7/15 in the southern California area

               on ABC TV.

Dr. Mangoni discussed on ABC TV in Los Angeles how he mentored an adolescent, Louis Briones, who

                is planning to become a pediatrician. This was seen on 9/19//2013 and willl also air on 9/22/13 in

                Los Angeles during the news between 8-9 AM locally or the "Live" ABC TV website.

Dr. Mangoni discussed the dangers of the "cinnamon challenge" performed by children and adolescents.

             Placing cinnamon in their mouth has led to breathing problems and lung scarring along wih

             hospitalizations.  This interview aired on 4/22/13 on ABC TV and he was interviewed by reporter,

             Rob Hayes.

Dr. Mangoni was interviewed on 1/2/13 by Denise Dador of ABC TV regarding the  disease, RSV, and how it can

            seriously affect infants.   This disease can cause serious breathing problems in infants.


Dr. Mangoni discussed on 11/29/12 the use of PLAN B contraception on ABC television.   He was interviewed

                by ABC's Denise Dador. 

Dr. Mangoni was interviewed by ABC television's Denise Dador on 5/5/11 to discuss the use and safety of

            herbal supplements in infants and children.   He advised caution when using these supplements.

Dr. Mangoni was featured in the Pasadena Star-News to discuss the importance of childhood

            immunizations in preventing serious diseases.  This article appeared on 8/19/10 in the

            health section. 

Dr. Mangoni spoke with ABC TV's Health Specialist, Denise Dador, on April 28, 2010 during the evening

           news regarding the importance of childhood immunizations.  He was also part of ABC's Healthy

           Kid Hotline that evening which answered viewers important pediatric questions.

Dr. Mangoni is currently working on his second  published book.  It will be available at all major

          book retailers and online at  This book will be a science fiction novel for

          teenagers and is titled, THE SPY FROM SPACE.  

Dr. Mangoni hosted the television series, TEEN TALK  LA.  The program was broadcasted twice

             per week in Pasadena, La Canada and Altadena, California on Charter cable channel 56 and

             was simulcasted worldwide on the internet.   Important issues that teens face on a daily

             basis were discussed. 

Dr. Mangoni spoke on 2/2/10 with health specialist, Denise Dador, on ABC TV in Los Angeles to

             discuss the undocumented link between immunizations like MMR (measles, mumps, rubella)

             and autism.


Dr. Mangoni was seen on 8/24/09 during the evening news on ABC TV in Los Angeles to discuss the

             correct use of safety seats in infants.   He was interviewed by health specialist, Denise Dador.

Dr. Mangoni apeared again on ABC TV in Los Angeles, CA on 4/29/09  to help answer important

              questions from viewers regarding the Swine Flu epidemic.  He also answered questions

              from ABC TV Health Specialist, Denise Dador, on how to avoid catching the Swine Flu.


Dr. Mangoni was featured in Good Houskeeping magazine's October 2008 issue on page 103.  He

             discussed issues about a new candy containing caffeine and whether it is more trick than


Dr. Mangoni appeared again on ABC TV on 7/1/08.  He  spoke with ABC Health Specialist, Denise

             Dador, about what to do if your child is a "picky" eater.  He also gave the reasons

             children become a "selective" eater and the solutions to combat this common problem.

Dr. Mangoni appeared on ABC TV on 4/23/08 and 4/24/08 to answer important parenting issues.

            ABCTV Health Specialist, Denise Dador, and Dr. Mangoni discussed the fact that infants

            sleeping in the same bed with their mothers are at increased risk of dying from SIDS (Sudden

            Infant Death Syndrome).  

Dr. Mangoni has been a columnist for THE MAGAZINE.  You will want to read these informative

             and timely articles for parents.  Archived copies can be read at

Dr. Mangoni spoke with host, Bill Turner, of CKLQ 880 AM in Brandon, Manatoba, Canada on 3/31/09.

             The one hour show featured call-in questions and answers of important parenting concerns.  The

             issues dealing with the epidemic of childhooh obesity were the show's focus.


Dr. Mangoni was featured on Charter cable channel 56 during a live one hour call-in show televised

             in Pasadena, La Canada and Altadena, CA on 3/11/09.  The show was called TALK ABOUT

             PARENTING (  Dr. Mangoni and the engaging host, Shirlee Smith,

             talked about the important issues parents face on a daily basis.  Excellent questions were answered

             by Dr. Mangoni during the live call-in segment.  The show simulcasted worldwide on the



Dr. Mangoni had an interesting discussion on 12/23/08 with Dave Chaffin of KGAB 650 AM in

            Cheyenne, Wy.  Dr. Mangoni answered the question of when to tell children about the truth of

            Santa Claus and gave parents various ways to tackle the holiday stresses that affect most families. 


Dr. Mangoni talked with hosts Beth Larsen and Allen Tibbetts of WGMG 102.1 FM in Athens, GA

         on 12/10/08.  They discussed if it is fair to always blame parents for their kids bad behavior. 

Dr. Mangonil talked with Sonja Vaughn on KTLR 890 AM in Oklahoma City, OK on 11/30/08.  The

            issue of safety and how to avoid childhood violence was discussed during this interview.

Dr. Mangoni was interviewed by Brooke Belson of KRCN 1060 AM in Denver, CO on 11/25/08 on the

             Brooke and Woody Show.  They discussed how parents should discipline their kids without

             loosing their temper and feeling stressed.


Dr. Mangoni talked with John Brown and Victoria Babu of KTRS 550 AM in St. Louis, MO on

            11/25/08.  Issues of substance abuse in adolescence were discussed during the lively


Dr. Mangoni was interviewed 11/20/08 on The Rude Awakening Show in Ocean City, MD on WOCM

             98.1 FM.   He had a lively discussion with the hosts to discusss the characteristics of

             awesome parents. 


Fox Sports Radio presented a lively discussion with Dr Mangoni on 10/28/08.  This interview 

             discussed issues regarding childhood obesity on 1450 AM radio in Lexington, VA with the show's

             host, Jim Bresnahan.

Dr. Mangoni was interviewed on 10/22/08 on the Kevin & Taylor radio show in Atlanta, GA on 104.7 FM.

             Issues regarding the avoidance of giving several new candies with caffeine to children were


Dr. Mangoni was invited back by Peter Holder to his radio show, Holder Tonight, on 10/8/08 in

             Montreal, Canada on CJAD radio.  Dr. Mangoni discussed  the question: WILL TODAY'S


Dr. Mangoni was interviewed by the popular nationally syndicated radio host, Kim Iverson, on 9/12/08. 

            During the 20 minute show, Your Time with Kim, timely issues of divorce and obesity in children

            were explored and helpful suggestions were given to parents across the United States. 

C.B.S. Radio invited Dr. Mangoni back for an eighth  radio interview on 8/13/08.  He joined popular hosts

            Susie Jones and Eleanor Mondale of the Mondale & Jones Show of WCCO Radio in Minneapolis,

            MN.   They explored the problems that parents face daily.

Dr. Mangoni attended a charity event on Sunday 4/6/08 to aid six most worthy causes for children

           and their families.  The event in Los Angeles was IDOL GIVES BACK and is set to raise over

           100 million dollars for these needy families all over the world.  You can still donate online at                                Those also in attendance were Brad Pitt, Mariah Carey, Maria Shriver,

           Reese Witherspoon, Gloria Estefan, Ryan Seacrest, Paula Abdul, Simon Cowell, Randy Jackson,

           and the American Idol Contestants.  Please donate to this important cause!


Dr. Mangoni talked with John Counsell of CFRA News Talk Radio, 580 AM, in Ottawa, Canada on 7/8/08.

           The lively 45 minute interview included great questions from call in listeners.

Dr. Mangoni spoke with Ed VerShure of WHTC 1450 AM  in Holland, MI.  The question of whether it

            is alright to bribe children to modify their behavior was discussed.  Great questions were raised

            by calls from the listening audience on 6/25/08.

Dr. Mangoni talked with Ed Banker from radio station,  WZNZ 1460 AM, in Jacksonville, FL on 5/22/08

            at 8:30 PDT.  Great questions were answered regarding parenting in the 21st. century.

WGEM Radio, 105.1-FM, interviewed Dr. Mangoni on 5/23/08 in Quincy, IL.  Important parenting issues

            were discussed that were relevant to all parents.

Dr. Mangoni discussed the important question "IS IT OKAY TO BRIBE YOUR CHILDREN?" with

            with Phil Blair on 4/28/08 on the popular radio show, KEDO IN THE MORNING, on 1400 AM

            in Longview, WA.

Host, Mimi Stoneburner, of BODY TALK on K-TIP 1450 AM Radio in Porterville, CA talked to

             Dr. Mangoni on 4/19/08.  Many parenting tips and solutions to problems were discussed during

             the 60 minute interview. 

Dr. Mangoni spoke with Susie Jones of the Mondale & Jones Show of WCCO 830 AM Radio in

            Minneapolis, MN on 3/3/08.  They both explored the difficulties parents face during and

            after a divorce. 

The February '08 issue of THE MAGAZINE  featured another article by Dr. Mangoni.  Dr. Mangoni

             discussed dieting and childhood obesity.  He was also a guest columnist in the magazine's

             December '07 issue discussing tips on how to better communicate with children.

Host, Mary Jane Popp, of KAHI 950 AM Radio in Auburn, CA talked with Dr. Mangoni on 2/5/08 about

             the pediatric issues parents face each day. The epidemic of childhood obesity was the focus

             of their 25 minute conversation.

C.B.S. Radio invited Dr. Mangoni back for a THIRD  radio interview on 2/4/08.  He discussed the

              important pediatric topics contained in his new book with hosts Eleanor Mondale and

              Susie Jones of the Modale & Jones Show of  WCCO 830 AM Radio in Minneapolis, MN.

Host, Ed VerShure, of WHTC 1450 AM Radio in Holland, MI spoke with Dr. Mangoni during a 20 minute

              interview about the epidemic of childhood obesity.  Dr. Mangoni gave radio listeners important

              suggestions to help with this growing problem affecting many children and adults. 

Host, Scott Cluthe, of SIRIUS Radio Channel #114 invited Dr. Mangoni to a timely discussion of the

             important topics contained in his book.  The 45 minute interview on 1/17/08 included great

             questions from radio listeners across the United States. 

C.B.S. Radio show, Mondale & Jones, of WCCO 830 AM in Minneapolis, MN invited Dr. Mangoni

             back  for another interview to talk about the topic, Should Parents of Obese Children be

             Held Responsible?  Popular Hosts, Eleanor Mondale and Susie Jones, engaged Dr. Mangoni

             in a lively 20 minute discussion on 1/9/08 to answer this question.

Gary Doyle, host of 570 News in Ontario, Canada, welcomed back Dr. Mangoni for another radio

             discussion on 1/4/08 regarding the disturbing trend of childhood obesity.  Important

             questions were asked of Dr. Mangoni by the excellent host, Gary Doyle.

Rick Barber, host of KOA 850 AM radio in Denver, CO, discussed childhood obesity with Dr. Mangoni

             in a 1 hour interview on 1/3/08.   The top parenting concerns were also discussed during the

             live program. 


An important newspaper article featured Dr. Mangoni's comments regarding a new California ban

             on smoking while in a vehicle containing anyone under 18.   This smoking ban took effect 1/1/08.

             The article appeared 12/31/07 in the Pasadena Star-News and San Gabriel Valley Tribune. 


Lou Kelly, host of WCRN 830 AM radio in Worcester, MA, welcomed back Dr. Mangoni for another

             45 minute interview on 12/28/07.  They explored the important topics of divorce, obesity,

             attention deficit disorder, and parental communication skills as discussed in Dr. Mangoni's


C.B.S. Radio talk show host, Susie Jones, of the Mondale and Jones Show on WCCO 830 AM in

             Minneapolis, MN interviewed Dr. Mangoni on 12/24/07.  A provocative discussion regarding the

             topic of when to tell your children the truth about Santa Claus was explored.

Don Dubuc, host of  WWL 870 AM and 105.3 FM radio in New Orleans, talked with Dr. Mangoni about

             timely issues affecting children and how the holidays may cause increased stress with

             families and children.  Dr. Mangoni answered a number of excellent questions from radio

             listeners on 12/22/07. 

Lou Kelly, host of WCRN 830 AM radio in Worcester, MA, interviewed Dr. Mangoni on 12/21/07 and

            discussed a variety of important pediatric issues affecting children in the 21st century

            during the 45 minutes.

Peter Holder interviewed Dr. Mangoni on 12/20/07 on CJAD 800 AM radio in Montreal, Canada.

            The 30 minute interview discussed how to reveal the myth of Santa Claus

            with your children. 

Corey Carter and Laura Peterson, radio hosts of KBMX 107.7 FM in Duluth, MN, welcomed back

              Dr. Mangoni on 12/12/07 for another interview on their popular morning show, Mix 108

              Mornings.  They discussed the important topic of childhood obesity.

Dr. Mangoni shared a lively conversation of important parenting concerns with Dr. Jerry Brodlie, chairman

             of the department of pysychology at Greenwich Hospital of Yale New Haven Health in Greenwich, CT,

             and co-host, Doug Prescott. The 60 minute interview aired December 9, 2007 on the syndicated

             Lifestyle Talk Radio Network in Stamford, CT.

Jack Ebling of WILS 1320 AM radio in Lansing, MI engaged Dr. Mangoni in a stimulating live interview

            on 12/5/07 regarding the common problems parents face. The everyday pitfalls of parenting

            were discussed.

"On The Bookshelf > Good Reads,"  Pasadena Star-News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Whittier

             Daily News, 11/4/07:  An article featured Dr. Mangoni along with a recommendation to read

             his new book, Avoiding the 15 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make.

Justin Kibbe, Managing Editor and Associate Publisher of THE MAGAZINE, asked Dr. Mangoni

             to be a guest columnist in the December '07 issue.  Dr. Mangoni offered tips on how to

             better communicate with your children.

Dr. Mangoni was interviewed on WMAC 940 AM radio of Macon, Georgia on 11/19/07.  Several

             contemporary issues about childhood discipline methods were discussed during the 20

             minute interview. 

Dr. Mangoni was interviewed on KLFD 1410 AM radio of Litchfield, Minnesota on 11/13/07.

              Host, Aaron Imholte, and Dr. Mangoni discussed during the lively 20 minute interview ways

              parents can have less stress and more confidence when dealing with their children.

Dr. Mangoni was engaged in a 35 minute interview on 10/15/07 on KOLE radio in Beaumont, Texas.

             The host was nationally known radio personality, Dominick Brascia, of News Radio Fox.


Dr. Mangoni was interviewed on 10/11/07 for a 20 minute radio discussion concerning the topics

             featured in his newly released book.  The host was Gary Doyle of 570 News in Ontario, Canada.

Dr. Mangoni was interviewed on Clear Channel Radio, KBMX 107.7,  in Duluth, Minnesota on 10/9/07.

             The hosts of the show were Corey Carter and Laura Peterson.  He talked about the pediatric

             issues discussed in his book, Avoiding the 15 Biggest Mistakes Parents Make.


Dr. Mangoni receives a distinguished award from the City of Pasadena's Immunization Coalition

             for his dedication to maintaining high quality standards. The event was held at the Pasadena                 

             Civic Auditorium on 5/23/07 and ABC television's Health Specialist, Denise Dador, was the MC.

City of Pasadena's Health Department invited Dr. Mangoni to attend a meeting with President Carter's

             wife, Rosalind Carter, to discuss immunization target rates for children.  Rosalind Carter

             began a program when she became First Lady to insure that children were current with their

             immunizations by age two. 1/12/05

Cholesterol Concerns, Pasadena Star- News, San Gabriel Valley Tribune, Whitter
            Daily News, 3/22/04: Coronary artery disease is the No. 1 killer in the United States.  The
            build up of cholesterol in the arteries can begin during childhood according to Dr. Mangoni.

Infant Formula Goes Organic, Los Angeles Times, 5/12/03:
            Dr. Mangoni says that regular infant formulas made from cow’s milk proteins don’t
            contain significant amounts of antibiotics or other harrnful chemicals.

A Kid's Best Shot: Vaccinations, Pasadena Star-News, 8/20/01:

             Immunizing your children is one of the most important events in their young lives.  It's extremely

             important because you can prevent a variety of illnesses said Dr. John Mangoni.

For Some Teens, Warnings Carry No Weight, Los Angeles Times, 10/2/00:
            Dr. John Mangoni, head of pediatrics at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena, says
            he used to counsel overweight children infrequently, but it is now part of his daily practice. 
            They come in after writing down everything they eat for a week, he says, and what they eat is
            hamburgers, pizza and ice cream.

Fast Food, TV Affect Kids’ Fitness, Pasadena Star- News, 1/00:
            Dr. Mangoni said that kids are more overweight now than they ever used to        
            be.  They are more sedentary and not being pushed out to exercise.

Does Your Child Have A lot Of Energy Or A More Serious Disorder?, Pasadena Star- News, 6/22/98:
           The ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) child will often be
           observed shifting from one uncomplicated task to another and will find it
           difficult to follow instructions. Interrupting conversations and bothering
           others who are playing quietly is also very common as noted by Dr. Mangoni.

Where Do You Draw The Line?, Pasadena Star- News, 4/27/98:

            When a child becomes disinterested in attending a practice or game, or shows
            signs of weakness or exhaustion, it is time to take a look at all the activities on
            his or her plate and evaluate whether the child is involved in too many things. 
            Determining how many sports your child should play at one time can be
            difficult especially if the little athlete is enthusiastic and motivated to play
            everything as discussed in this article featuring Dr. Mangoni.

Former Olympian Encouraging Others To Go For The Goals, Foothill Leader, 5/16/87:
           Dr. John Mangoni, a volunteer with the American Cancer Society, gives a
           seminar with Peter Vidmar, winner of two gold medals in the
           1984 Olympics. 

Health Symposium, San Marino Tribune, 4/30/87:
            Certain types of cancer are a particular threat to men.  Dr. Mangoni states that changes
            in lifestyle, health, fitness and eating habits can make a difference in preventing
Test Kit Identifies Strep In Minutes, Los Angeles Daily News, 2/4/87:
            Symptoms of strep throat are scratchy sore throat, swollen lymph nodes, puss
            on the tonsils and enlarged tonsils.  If children get strep throat, they can have
            102 or 103 degree fevers according to Dr. Mangoni.

Olympian Stumps For Seat Restraints, Glendale News Press, 12/4/84:
            The man behind the safety campaign was Dr. John Mangoni, a pediatrician
            at Huntington Memorial Hospital in Pasadena.  He asked Olympic
            gold-medalist, Bart Conner, at a UCLA exhibition to donate his time with
            the child safety-seat campaign.




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